Labs Facilties

Science Lab
The Lab is equipped with various models different type of apparatus testing materials. Our physical chemistry Bio technologies Laboratories have all the equipment in sufficient quantity so that each pupil teacher can perform his practical individually.
Language Lab
Language laboratories along with social studies lab are highlighted for the institution as they are equipped with material presented by the NCTE.
Educational Technologies and Audio visual and aids Lab 
This lab containing overhead Projector, Slide Projector (Manual & Automatic) Epidiascope, DVD Player, TV & PA System.
SS Lab 
This lab consists Atlas of India and Maps of India and world. 
Math Lab
TA Lab
This lab containing different charts, models which are helpful in different teaching papers.
Chalk Board Writing Lab :
Containing about 20 Black Board and Superior quality Simple and colored chalk.
Gardening Lab :
Containing pots of different size and coloration & gardening instruments like Kassi, Khurpa, Tasla and different size paint brushes.

Art & Craft Lab :